Czech Gaming Championship

Czech Gaming Championship

The Czech Computer Games Championship and Vodafone Czech Mobile Games Championship are projects of PLAYzone s.r.o., which take place annually and are the biggest events of domestic gaming community and also a top event of a whole season. In original we call this projects as Mistrovství České republiky ve hrách (MČR in short).

Event Appealing to Thousands of People

Czech Computer Games Championship and Czech Mobile Games Championship are annual concepts, in which we cooperate with a group of general partners. The final tournament takes place at the exhibition grounds in Brno as a part of fairs IN-JOY, SPORT Life and Dance Life Expo, where we have whole hall at our disposal. Within these events is so called the MČR Expo the part where any partners can take part in and promote on a target audience. In 2017, 48 000 people visited the exhibition grounds and 124 0000 spectators watched online streaming. During the year, we address 500 000 gamers within inline events and streaming. For more information on a target audience see Target Audience.

Vodafone Czech Mobile Games Championship

From 2016 we are also the organizers of the official Czech Republic Championship in mobile games, where we select the most popular mobile titles every year and, like on computers, we host a full-featured online qualifier and offline championship. Vodafone MČR in mobile games is an event with its own main and also accompanying program, competitions, arena, commentators, full stage and also live broadcast.

The Top Event of Home eSport

The MČR has a long tradition. For the first time it has been introduced as INVEX Cup in 2002 at the exhibition grounds and regularly has been held until 2007 when it came to an end. After a four-year pause, PLAYzone got the official license for holding the MČR. This agency moved the event in years 2011 and 2012 to a Congress Hotel Jezerka near the dam Seč.

Vrcholná akce domácího e-sportu

Boje o titul mistra ČR a statisícové ceny

Czech Champion Competition and Prizes Worth Several Hundred Thousand CZK

In years 2013 and 2014, the event was moved to Prague Exhibition Grounds in Letňany as a part of fairs FOR GAMES. Since 2015 the final tournament takes place at Brno Exhibition Grounds BVV within a fair IN-JOY where it is going to be held in 2018.


If you want to know more, visit our websites mcrpc.cz and mcrmobil.cz!

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