Online Marketing in Gaming Community

Online Marketing in Gaming Community

We run the biggest gaming portal, cooperate with gaming teams and communities and manage social networks. We can address up to hundred thousand gamers and young people who are interested in technologies either in a form of traditional advertising or in distinctive forms such as gaming tournaments, competitions and others.

Game Portals

Since 2006 we run the biggest gaming portal in the Czech and Slovak Republic - www.playzone.cz (previously www.united-games.cz). More than 500 000 unique users visit the website. Its primary aim is to organize leagues and tournaments in the most-played online games and to bring the latest new for a gaming community. In this way we create a membership base to each single game and form communities for further work and cooperation.

We also run a fan website of the game League of Legends www.bronze5.eu which follows the latest happenings and news as well as its gamers.

Herní portál

Pořádání turnajů

Holding Tournaments

In practise, there are online tournaments every evening in which we use our own tournament system adjustable for any games. Since the portal was established, we have organized more than 6 500 competitions in more than 30 games. These competitions are included in all year-long qualification for the MCR or their participants are awarded valuable prizes. A large number of participants shows why they belong to the most important ones. Therefore they are also highly attractive for partners whose brands we can display in the events (the name of the competition, logo in a banner, products within prizes and others). We are able to organize your tournament or league as a turnkey with branding, live stream, streamers, report and with the possibility of addressing registered members via private messages and ad articles.

Advertising and Promotion Possibilities

We use traditional forms for products and services advertising including full brand, banners, PR articles or direct mailing to registered users (more than 100 000 verified addresses).

Možnosti reklamy

Další aktivity

Further Activities

We make use of our social websites to communicate with communities actively. Facebook page PLAYzone has 34 000  fans. We use channels on YouTube, where we put videos, as well as Instagram and Twitter for our events reports. We also own other important community websites and social networks - fans websites and gaming communities – such as Facebook Counter-Strike with more than 50 000 fans) and League of Legends (more than 28 000 fans). We closely cooperate with the top streamers who take part in a TV broadcasting or making an event programme.

Why to cooperate with us?

Number 1 in gaming branch
A host of the biggest gaming events
The most popular online portal
More than ten years’ experience